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Brew Systems

Bridgetown Brew Systems stands out as a leading American designer and manufacturer of top-quality copper and stainless-steel beer and distilling equipment. Having worked with the owner since their early days, I've had the privilege of playing a key role in their branding journey. As they sought to elevate their online presence and brand image, I was thrilled to take on the challenge. I saw this as a chance to refine the brand with a more sophisticated touch. I teamed up with Lauren Gantner, a creative marketing strategist, who crafted a winning website strategy and brought the site to life with compelling content. Lauren's innovative ideas and expertise in the field were instrumental in creating a website that truly resonates with the target audience.
& Identity
Website Design & Build
Print & Collateral

UX & wireframes, website strategy, content & copywriting: Lauren Gantner

SEO: Karen Locke at High-Proof Creative
Photography: Polara Studio

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