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XPLANE is a design consultancy that uses design and outside-the-box collaboration to assist organizations reimagine, launch and communicate complex strategies. Their clients include many of the largest, most iconic brands in the world: Microsoft, Nike, General Electric, Coca-Cola, Ford, Visa and many more. 

I joined XPLANE in 2013. Currently, I work as an art director and designer. As a fast, detail orientated designer I’ve helped execute and problem solve how content works and lives through hundreds of materials. My macro perspective and solution-driven thinking has helped XPLANE execute more consistent, thoughtful work faster. Over the years, I’ve helped strengthen XPLANE’s brand identity through unifying their appearance and personality across all projects and online.


Organizational Adulting Event

My Role: Art Direction, Layout & Design, Print Production, Website Design


Creative Director & Illustration: Tim May

DNA of Change Book

 My Role: Art direction, Design & Layout, Illustration, Print Production

Creative Director: Roel Uleners | Content: Stephanie Gioia

Barriers to Change Card Deck

 My Role: Art direction, Layout & Design, Print Production

Content: Stephanie Gioi

Misc. Internal & Marketing Materials

Strategy Board Game

 A board game experience to teach a new company-wide strategy
to over 50,000 employees all around the world. 

My Role: Icon creation, design and layout production, prototype production, game piece production,
final print file production, design and brand consistency.

Creative Director: Charyl Looper | Lead Designer: Jacob O'Brien | Illustrator: Jeffery Frankenhauser | Project Manager: Marc Hewitt

Strategy Activation for data Governance

A communications strategy to raise awareness of a new program, which included process maps and animations to support program onboarding, interactive PDFs, and a suite of presentations.

My Role: Design and layout production, iPDF design and production, final print file production, presentation layout and design, design and brand consistency.


Creative Director: Charyl Looper | Lead Designer: Jacob O'Brien |  Illustrator: Tyson Mangelsdorf | Project Manager: Marc Hewitt