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Organizational Adulting

XPLANE hosted an event about Organizational Adulting, where leaders shared their insights about how to foster a healthy work environment and what it means to "adult" in the workplace. The event was an exclusive, one-of-a-kind gathering hosted in the vibrant city of San Francisco. As a key member of the XPLANE team, I collaborated closely with the Creative Director to develop a truly unique experience that  turned a serious topic into an enjoyable and engaging occasion. Our goal was to create an intimate, immersive event that not only educated attendees on the importance of organizational health, but also inspired them to take action and improve their workplace culture. By leveraging our collective creativity and expertise, we were able to design an unforgettable event that left a lasting impact on all who participated.
Print & Collateral Design
Packaging Design
Presentation Design

Creative Director & Illustration: Tim May

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